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Cal and Nat cheers' with Cerveza cans


Hello, beer enthusiasts! It's Nat here, Head Agent of Chaos (or, if you prefer, Chronomantic Arcane Scientist) at KAIJU! Beer. Our reputation for hop-forward IPAs is well-known, but I have a confession: I'm also a huge fan of awesome lagers.

My experience in the world of lagers began under the cobblestone streets of Plzeň. In the ancient cellars of Pilsner Urquell, I discovered a revelation – their unfiltered, unpasteurised pilsner. This beer was a perfect blend of fresh hops, clean yeast, and a solid malt backbone, vastly different from any bottled pilsners I'd known. It was an eye-opener.

Over the years, I wove a tapestry of exploration and experimentation. Remember Paradise Pils? That was our bold foray into lagers at a time when the craft beer community was still skeptical of "Pils." My adventures extended to Germany, where my connection to the land deepened, thanks to my German wife. My mission was clear: Master and Reinterpret.

In 2019, surrounded by Germany’s lush landscape, I met Schönramer Pils and its master brewer, Eric Toft. Sharing a Helles with him was not just enjoyable but enlightening. His wisdom and advice steered us towards crafting a southern German style pils – a formidable challenge for a brewery that thrived on invigorating West Coast style beers.

The years 2022 and 2023 saw me returning to Germany thrice, each visit reinforcing my belief: while I adore the craftsmanship of German beers, their unique tie to local culture and climate is something we couldn't replicate in Australia.

Our original ethos at KAIJU!, the 'Kaijheitsgebot', ie 'more hops is never enough', shifted. I had an epiphany: a light-bodied, easy-drinking Mexican-style Cerveza would be perfect for Australia's friendly climate.

Why Cerveza? It’s about embracing simplicity and pure enjoyment. Other styles like Helles, North German Pils, Bavarian Pils, Czech Pils, and Export/Dortmunder didn't quite hit the mark for Australians. But the Cerveza was perfect - light-bodied and incredibly drinkable.

The story of the yeast was a stroke of luck. While Mexican lagers can often be seen as uninspired, I was taken in by the yeast-derived characteristics of the Pilsner at one of my favourite German breweries. I knew this was the key to unlocking the beer I dreamed of making for the Aussie market and so began the bureaucratic and logistical nightmare of importing this yeast variety. And I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that the juice was absolutely worth the squeeze! This unique yeast strain elevated our Cerveza, giving it a subtle yet fresh personality, perfect for our long summers and pub conversations.

And now, I'm thrilled to present KAIJU! Beer's Cerveza Crisp Lager. It's a beer that's travelled from the cobbled streets of Czechia, through the esteemed breweries of Germany, and finally into the warm Australian embrace.

Your Invitation to Taste

Have you ever experienced a beer that transformed your perspective? We invite you to try our Cerveza Crisp Lager and embark on this flavourful journey with us. Grab a 6-pack or a case here. We can't wait to hear what you think!

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