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Two Mutation Program beers from KAIJU Beers - The Situation and Dank Lord vol.1

Welcome to the Mutation Program, where creativity knows no bounds!

You might notice something different about our two new Mutation Program releases. We recently took some time to think about how we can accelerate our most innovative and massive-flavoured beers and realised that we needed a new approach to the design of the cans for this program.

Our latest can design is a testament to the wild and innovative spirit that fuels our passion for beer. We've infused the new designs with a touch of nostalgia and a dash of humour, capturing the essence of KAIJU! in every sip. 

We're taking things to the next level with the launch of two new Mutation Program brews - Dank Lord Vol. 1 West Coast IPA and The Situation Hazy Double IPA. These beers are not just about bold flavours, but also about the experience.

The Dank Lord arises. Bow down to the Dank Lord!

Dank Lord is a series within a program within a brewery. We’re sure that makes sense in whatever flavour of multi-verse you prefer (I’m more of a Miles Morales Spidey-verse type). Given that dank-as-heck West Coast IPA is why we got into the brewing game so many years ago, we didn’t want to limit ourselves to just one version of our favourite style. So we are making Dank Lord IPA as a perpetually improving set of concept albums (or volumes), and we will add a new brew whenever the inspiration of a new flavour, technique or other innovation captures our imagination. Dank Lord is where we strive ever-higher for the pinnacle of dankness and my goodness, does Volume 1 deliver.  

The colours in the artwork on the can are intended to evoke thoughts of the stickiest, most resinous, ummm, flowers around.  This beer does what it says on the tin. The aroma is punchy and complex, with bud-like aromas shooting out alongside pine and fresh citrus while the palate is almost confounding. How can such intensity be so perfectly balanced with freshness and bitterness?! The beer saturates the palate in length of flavour but also leaves it perfectly refreshed and waiting for the next taste. This is right up with the best IPAs we’ve made.

This is The Situation.

This has been on our list of ridiculous beer names for ages. We knew the beer had to be a hazy IPA, a style hailing from not so very far from the Jersey Shore but we wanted to make sure we had the recipe right.

You can tell from this interpretation of the new Mutation Program artwork that this is a beer that is very well put together and has more of a fruit focus. Aromas jump out of the glass with fresh brekky juice and lemon zest, inviting you in for a mouthful of juicy flavours. We always focus on flavour and balance so our style of hazy has a modest sweetness and is far from flabby. It carries its hefty ABV though flavour and is very well-balanced with a bitterness present but not overpowering. This is a hazy double IPA we can really get around.

With the Mutation Program, we have the freedom to push boundaries, experiment with new styles, and create truly unique beer experiences that are unlike anything else out there.

The Mutation beers will be launched monthly at the KAIJU! Cantina first and then distributed to your favourite retailers. So come join us on this exciting journey of taste and discovery, and discover the magic of Mutation Program beer!

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