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DANK FIDELITY: A Symphony of Hoppy Goodness for International IPA Day

DANK FIDELITY: A Symphony of Hoppy Goodness for International IPA Day


Greetings, fellow beer enthusiasts!

We get excited around here at this time of year. We like to think of August 3rd as Beermas; but you've probably heard it called International IPA Day.
It's the day we wholeheartedly celebrate our love for all things IPA. And this year, get ready to embark on a hop-filled journey called Dank Fidelity – a celebration of IPAs and our cherished Melbourne indie bar scene.

The name "Dank Fidelity" perfectly captures the essence of this event. "Dank" pays homage to the aromatic quality of our beers, while "Fidelity" reflects our unwavering commitment to crafting the most delicious and refreshing brews. At Dank Fidelity, you'll have the unique opportunity to drink our award-winning IPAs at their absolute freshest, brewed with the utmost passion and precision.
For us at KAIJU! Beer, IPAs hold a special place in our hearts. From the groundbreaking Monster Mash Double IPA to the revolutionary Dank Lord series, we've been pushing the boundaries of hoppy beers with unbridled passion. Chief Boss Callum Reeves couldn't have said it better: "When it comes to IPA, all sense of logic and good business go out the window - all that matters is flavor and balance."

We've collected some of our favourite KAIJUs for this event. Brace yourselves for the flavour explosion of our Metamorphosis West Coast IPA, designed the way you love your WCIPAs hoppy with wefts of pine and citrus. #YESPLEASE
If you're a true hophead and have followed KAIJUs journey. You'll know that Aftermath Double IPA is the stuff of legends. It was so popular when we first brewed it that we caused a nationwide hop shortage. And let's not forget our AIBA Gold Medal winning Mutation Program beer – the Dank Lord Vol 1 West Coast IPA. Seriously we put it all in the name.

But it wouldn't be KAIJU! without a bit of monster mayhem. We've teamed up with the legendary brewery Working Title Brew Co to create a limited-release Oat Cream West Coast IPA named The Abomination. "This was the perfect opportunity to work with Working Title Brew Co, one of the country's best Oat Cream IPA brewers. And to top it off, they're my best mates. For me, KAIJU isn't just about making great beer. It's about celebrating friendships." Nat Reeves Head Arcane Scientist.

This marks our first-ever Oat Cream IPA, and we may never repeat it, so make sure to head into one of the participating venues and grab a pint.

Beyond the beer, Dank Fidelity is a shoutout to the vibrant independent venues that make Melbourne's beer culture so special. We've curated this event at twelve handpicked venues across the city. Our Dank Fidelity partners include Creature Brunswick, Coburg RSL, Far Side Beers - Hawthorn East, Grape and Grain, Mates.Bar - Moorabbin, Near & Far - Fitzroy, Otters Promise - Armadale, Suburban Dining - Ringwood, The Fat Goat - Upwey, The Hop Shop - Frankston, The Lincoln - Carlton, and of course, our very own taproom, KAIJU! Beer & Pizza - Huntingdale.
Dank Fidelity embodies our dedication to crafting the freshest and most flavorful brews while supporting our cherished independent venue scene. This event promises to bring the good stuff to a venue near you.

We'd love to check out your shenanigans; please tag #dankfidelity on Insta.

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