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Lovingly hand-crafted beers of uncompromising quality from Victoria, Australia.

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About us

We love beer

We've been into making (and drinking) beer for a long time - we're kind of nerdy scientists about it actually. In late 2013 we decided to start making beer professionally and released a Double IPA that was a little bit hoppy and got some attention. We're only as successful as the support we receive, so thank you!

There's three of us - Nat, Callum and Clara. We are all giant nerds and look after different aspects of our craft.

We do everything by hand. Sometimes this is painful because we're perfectionists and our methods aren't commercial, but we love it and there's no other way to get the flavours we want.

The final product, each completed with a mad creature design by the amazing Mikey Burton.

Didn't you used to be "Monster Mash"?

Yep. A certain energy drink company didn't like us using that name, so we changed it. No time for big legal battles here, we're just little craft producers who want to make good stuff. We like the new name better anyway. It means "strange creature" in Japanese - ones like Godzilla, Mothra, and all the baddies from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Yeah!

Awards and Stuff

KAIJU! is starting to get some recognition, which is really all because of our fans - thank you!

  • AIBA 2014 - Best Amber/Dark Ale (Hopped Out Red)
  • 2014 Hottest 100 Craft Beers (Where Strides the Behemoth #12, Hopped Out Red #19, Metamorphosis IPA #29, Aftermath Double IPA #46)
  • Sydney Royal Beer & Cider Show 2013 - Silver Medal (Double IPA)
  • GABS 2014 - People's Choice #3 (Where Strides the Behemoth)
  • Australian Craft Beer Awards 2014 - Gold Medal (Cthulhu on the Moon Black IPA)
  • 2013 Hottest 100 Craft Beers (Double IPA #64)
  • Good Beer Week 2014 - People's Pint - Best Brewery

We also make the delicious Golden Axe apple cider: www.goldenaxe.com.au

the beers

Meet the family

  • Aftermath Double IPA

    A ludicrously hopped, American style double IPA with enough malt backbone to smooth out the assertive bitterness. 9.1% alcohol

  • Hopped Out Red Ale

    Tropical, piney aromas, layered over a complex, biscuity-toffee malt profile. 6.4% alcohol

  • Metamorphosis IPA

    Citrussy and floral. Quite a hefty IPA, perfectly balanced by refreshing hop bitterness.
    6.7% alcohol

  • Where Strides the Behemoth: DOUBLE INDIA BLACK ALE

    An enormous hop schedule balanced by a rich, roast malt character with rummy undertones.
    10.8% alcohol

  • Cthulhu on the Moon: Black IPA

    A complex malt bill, yet refreshing beer, delivers layers of roasty flavours, coffee and panela, offset by a herbaceous hop profile.
    6.5% alcohol

    Robohop Golden Ale

    Exploding with tropical fruit, citrus and grassy notes, a proportion of wheat malt gives a crisp impression on the palate while still allowing the flavour to linger.
    5.7% alcohol

    Betelgeuse Imperial Amber Ale

    Debuted at GABS 2015 with a top ten placing, this presents as a hoppy, American Barleywine. Showing sweet, heady malt character and firm hop bitterness, there is a luscious balance to this that belies the hefty alcohol and lingers for minutes on the palate.
    10% alcohol

    Krush Tropical Ale

    A super-clean malt profile allows the ship-load of juicy tropical fruit flavours to arrive on the desert island of your palate unhindered. And it comes in a can, so after you Krush it, you can Krush it.
    4.7% alcohol

We also make the delicious Golden Axe apple cider: www.goldenaxe.com.au



In Australia, contact us at hq@kaijubeer.com.au or +61 (0)3 9706 5924


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